Jay Sankey on Stage

"Jay's talk on creative problem-solving
was highly entertaining and informative."-CYANAMID CANADA

Stop Trying to be Creative by Jay Sankey

How to Nurture Your Natural Creativity

By accessing more of your natural creativity, you'll gain the ability to share more of your powerfully unique perspective in business meetings, emails and high-pressure presentations, while bringing more value to your role at work.

Many people are intimidated by the idea of trying to 'be creative.'

Creativity can be so layered with emotions, associations and assumptions, it becomes just another hurdle for people to overcome when trying to access their creativity.

But unlike the daunting prospect of 'trying to create,' the Exploration Approach is less about a goal-oriented making, and more about a playful discovering.

And in your private life, expressing yourself more creatively will help to nurture more honest and powerful relationships with friends and family.

Learning the skills and attitudes to more effectively access your creativity, will also make you a more engaging, memorable, and compelling communicator.

Key Topics:

  • The 'Exploration' Attitude
  • Forget the 'New'
  • Tracking Your Assumptions
  • Keep One Foot 'Inside the Box'
  • Honor Your Ideas
  • The Challenge of Goalless
  • An Idea is Never 'Done'
  • Giving Yourself Permission
  • It's Attitude, Not Aptitude
  • Who are You to Judge?
  • Comparisons are Lethal
  • Beware Your 'Life Preserver'
  • The Mythology of Failure
  • Sandpaper to the Fingertips
  • The Magic of Juxtaposition

Jay Sankey has a rare understanding of creativity. Over the past 30 years, Jay has developed websites, created product packaging, authored books, drawn cartoons, presented talks all over the world, produced direct marketing pieces, designed logos, created television series, and produced hundreds of videos. Jay also holds the world record for creating more original illusions than any magician alive.