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Jay Sankey

I'm Jay Sankey

I'm an international public speaker, multi-media marketer, author, performer, consultant and world-record holder. I've also given talks on creativity, persuasive communication and the psychology of belief all over the world.

Labbatt Brewing Company

"Everything Jay does is rooted in a rare understanding
of human psychology."-EYE MAGAZINE

"Jay's seminar on creativity would be a great
benefit to our group of companies."-Marc Giacomelli, Vice President CREATIVE INTERCHANGE

"A fascinating speaker with a wonderfully original mind."-CBC

"Highly entertaining and extremely refreshing."-Jean Pierre Garnier, VP of Programming CLUB MED

"Jay did an outstanding job of endorsing the messages of growth, progress and responsibility."-Cheryl Crumb, Manager AMP OF CANADA LTD.

"Extremely creative and boldly experimental."-TORONTO STAR

"Jay's quick assessment of the relaunch positioning was key to effectively communicating the brand's role."-Lily Sabo, Marketing Manager LABBATT BREWERIES

"Jay truly cares about your event and
understands how important it is."-Richard Muller, Director of Marketing, Manulife Real Estate

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