Jay Sankey

"A master of engaging people and holding their attention."-MONTREAL GAZETTE

Jay is an international public speaker, author, YouTube personality, multi-media marketer, performer and creative consultant.

As a speaker, he's presented talks and run workshops on persuasive communication, creativity, the psychology of belief and the art of deception in Canada, United States, England, Germany, Denmark, France, Holland, Italy, Spain, Australia and Japan.

Jay has also worked with companies all over the world including Honda, McDonald's, Toyota, Club Med, Manulife Real Estate, Labatt Breweries, Brand Voice, Cyanamid, Amp of Canada, Cream Productions and Diga Studios in New York City.

As a consultant, Jay has worked on a variety of theater, film and television shows including American Gods, Imposters, David Blaine and David Copperfield.

And as a multi-media marketer, Jay has designed product packages, developed brands, launched websites, invented direct marketing pieces, created promotional campaigns, written scripts for trade show clients, produced dozens of DVDS and digital products, as well as edited hundreds of videos.

Over 25,000,000 people have watched his videos on YouTube, and his SankeyMagic channel has attracted over 300,000 subscribers.

As a stand-up comic, monologist and sleight-of-hand magician, Jay has appeared on CNN, CBC, TVO, Bravo, CTV and Japan's NHK network, as well as performed at the prestigious 'Just For Laughs' comedy festival in Montreal.

Jay also fooled Penn and Teller on their television show 'Fool Us,' and holds the world's record for creating more original illusions than any other human being alive.